Custom Baits

Don't see the bait you are looking for on the site? Want to add a custom logo to your lures? We'll create baits to meet your exact needs. To place an order call 803-517-1742 or email us at

Step 1: Choose your head size

  • Small: 1’’ diameter // 9’’ length
  • Medium: 1.25’’ diameter // 11’’ length
  • Large: 1.75’’ diameter // 13’’ length

Step 2: Choose your head style

  • Jet Head
  • Chugger Head
  • Bullet Head
  • Swimming Head

Step 3: Choose your outside skirt color

  • Blue/Clear
  • Black/Clear
  • Purple/clear

Step 4: Choose your inside skirt color

  • Chartreuse
  • Rainbow
  • Gold
  • Pink/Blue
  • Purple

Step 5: Add a custom graphic

We can add your business cards, logos, boat Names, photos, sports teams, objects, or anything else that you want.

Custom baits made in Charleston, SC

Order your custom baits today by calling 

803-517-1742 or emailing us at